While The Darlings Were Away.....

July 11, 2011


I haven't had a week, like last week...for a very long time!
The Darlings attended EFY...and The Farmer is still at home working...so that left me ALL ALONE!!
So this is how it went....
After I dropped off The Darlings, I spent the day doing errands and cleaning our home
away from home....The evening was spent with great friends and great cousins..at the
ever fantastic 4th of July party held every year at Uncle Tom's house.  The food was great...
Uncle Tom's "band" played some fun music..and we just visited and visited until the rain started.
In our neighborhood..the fireworks went on late into the night.....

In the days that followed...
Shared lunch with a dear friend...ate yummy food...and caught up...
Grandma Vicki and Auntie arrived...
Made a "few" trips to Sundance...


Celebrated Auntie's birthday with the most amazing lunch at Sundance...
and then a little shopping..

(above is the herb garden at Sundance.  I thought it was so great!)

Uncle Ben and family arrived....
spent the day at Thanksgiving Point...with the farm animals and nieces and nephews
Sooooo fun!
Had a wonderful lunch at The Harvest....

(Uncle Ben and Grandma Vicki)


The Farm animals enjoyed the attention...some even posed for photos!


The kids loved the water fountain!

The adults LOVED...visiting and just being together!

After a great lunch....the kids discovered the most darling soda fountain known to man!
They really enjoyed the ice cream cones!

And the adults enjoyed amazing Sunday's.
The week ended with dinner at The Brick Oven with all the Family...and an amazing
Balloon man...(more on that later).
Saturday morning....EARLY....we picked up The Darlings...it is great to have them back.
They all had wonderful experiences...and made lots of new friends.
It was a great week for everyone!!

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