First Of The Season....

June 13, 2011


I have waited for this moment all Winter long...
The garden is producing!!
My favorite place to be, in the evenings, is in my garden.  It helps me de-compress from
the day.  To tell the truth...I did sneak some green tomatoes last week....I picked a couple
quietly entered the house and cooked them up...then ate them....when the rest of the gang
wasn't looking....oh my goodness they were good!
The squash is now in will be served in some from for most every
meal...throughout the Summer months....horray!
I do love the garden.

*The missionary farwells, have begun.  Yesterday there were two.
*Another mission call arrived....and was opened last night....there are a few more to go!
*The missionaries will begin to leave in about another week....
*The Boy is still in Costa Rica...I am ready for him to come home!
*PreShie is leaving on Friday for an extended trip...I am sooo excited for her!
*The Rooster is nearly done with school...and will begin his Summer
Golf program next week.
*The Farmer is crazy busy with a new project he has taken on...
(I will post about that later....)
*Our evenings are filled with snowcones or Pina Coladas....
(just trying to keep cool!)
*We are so sad about the forest fires that are burning around us...the fires in AZ are terrible,
and the fires in our area are really rough....the air is filled with smoke and I sneeze
most of the day.  The sunsets are beyond beautiful, because of the smoke in the air...
*PreShie has held a deck party or her playhouse...she and the cousins
strung up lots of white Christmas lights on her deck...and it looks wonderful!
Summer is in the air!

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Pedaling said...

and the busy life just a keeps on movin'

mmmm fresh vegetables...

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