Our Rooster Can Jump!......

March 9, 2011

One day...after school...The Rooster asked me if I would like to watch him ride.
Ride his motorcycle...that is. Of course I said yes....and headed down to our
beloved "Sol".....some land we have close to our house. Can I just say.....I LOVE THAT PLACE!!
Okay....I say it all the time around here....and everyone is pretty sick of hearing it,
but I really do love it there. Anyway....The Boy and The Rooster have made a make shift
racing track at the Sol, and over time it has become a bit overgrown. The Rooster
and Cousin M. have started riding again in the evenings and once again they have carved out
their trails and jumps!





It was so much fun to watch The Rooster ride....and jump....and spin out!
You just won't find a nicer boy than that Rooster....he is a very sweet little man.

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