So....We Had A Little Fire.....

March 15, 2011

Guad - fire 6
Let me begin by saying that there is no such thing as "junk" to a Farmer.
Especially when you live far away from the nearest parts store and materials are expensive
and hard to come by. Friday The Farmer and I headed to pick up much
needed parts for The Farm. It seems to be a weekly event these days....these are very
critical days at The Farm...the men are working hard to protect the beautiful buds on the
peach trees from freezing. So when they say they need a "part" we run. While in EP,
The Farmer recieved a phone call informing him that a terrible fire had broken out at The Farm.
When told where the fire was...he began making a list of all of the things that would
be lost. Things he used almost everyday.

Guad - fire 5
Fruit bins burned.
PVC pipe burned, (used for irrigation)
Aluminum pipe melted...
and anything else that was in the way of the flames was a total loss.

Guad - fire 2
The fire began by a careless employee who was cutting pipe.
The sparks caught a small patch of grass on fire...and again....his carelessness led
to some major distruction.

Guad - fire 4 The Firemen were called. They had no gas in the firetruck, or water in the the tanks of
the truck. So by the time they arrived, the damage was done.
This is where you
shout....VIVA Mexico!!!
But on the other hand...every other police agency in the area seemed to have
plenty of gas in their did the local newspaper. They all arrived at the scene.
The Darlings noticed the black clouds of smoke on their bus ride home from school Friday
afternoon...but never thought it was The Farm.


Saturday morning we arrived at The Farm.
Some things were still burning. Ironically...just a few yards away was a reservior FULL of
water that could have been pumped onto the fire.....Oh well.....
Thankfully everything can be replaced. But we always say that don't we....
"It could have been so much worse."
I thought I was offering words of comfort when I announced that little saying to a
very discouraged Farmer...when he replied..."yes...and it could have been
totally avoided too." And he was right.
(Thanks to Uncle Penguin for the photos!)


Pedaling said...

that is bad news.
so sorry.

uncle penguin?

LaNae said...

It is sometimes so hard to be positve in such a are always so good about it!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am so sorry about your fire.

Please tell the farmer that your fire may be used by me in my RS lesson in two weeks...the three R's of Choice by Pres Monson.

Choice is such a powerful little wrong choice can lead to so much destruction that effects so many just as one good choice can have the same effect in the positive.

Also a good lesson for being prepared. Bad firemen!

Ben said...

A damned shame.

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