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March 8, 2011

There's a story behind this one.....
When The Farmer was a little Farmer....around 5.....he spent his days playing
with his dear cousin Jesse.
Just as little mini cousins often do...they occasionally fought over toys or
items that one may have been playing with....that the other one wanted. In order to
maintain control of the coveted item/toy....the cousin that was trying to protect his "turf" would
bite the item in order to keep control of it. Well, that was all great until one day the
coveted "item" was a little that you would walk you dog with. Cousin Jesse
had the was his....and he wanted to maintain control of the chain and so he
bit it with his little teeth. The Mini Farmer also wanted the looked really fun
to him, and so with all his might....he yanked the chain from the tender teeth of Cousin
Jesse....and am sure you can guess what happened.....along with the chain...came
a few teeth.....and I am sure a pretty good punishment. The Farmer told The Darlings this
story last week for FHE and of course they thought it was great! He quickly related it to
holding tight to the Iron Rod....even if you have to use your teeth to hold on. It was an
effective lesson and one I am sure won't soon be forgotten.
"Hold To The Rod" is our family theme this year. We sure do appreciate Grandpa S. for
leading us so well as a family. His thoughtful planning helps us, even though we are
far away from the rest of the group. Each Monday, The Darlings sing with gusto....
"The Iron Rod" which we are learning this year. Many styles of singing are used....most
enjoyed of course is opera style! I love our theme....I sure love The Farmer's chalkboard
messages to help us along our way!

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Pedaling said...

i'm afraid my chalkboard renditions would not be so artistic.

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