The Family Party....Part 2

June 22, 2013

While everyone was swimming...
The Farmer waited patiently for The Grill Master...aka,
Uncle Clayt preformed his magic on the grill!;)
The Farmer took a break from church meetings to join us for the festivities!
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The food was fantastic!!
We have some great cooks in this family;)
We NEVER have a shortage of yummy food to eat!!
See what I mean??? Too much great food to eat!
PreShie was gifted with the "family gift." It is a beautiful Silver ring that each of the Lovelies has.
It has a sweet message of love from a family who loves her very much!
The Lovelies and their rings!
The evening ended with a piece of tasty cake... Pina Colada Cake!
It was a very fun evening! These children of ours are blessed kids!
They are surrounded with many who love them very very much!!!

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