A Brotherly Haircut....

September 30, 2013

 It seems that while serving his mission, The Missionary Boy mastered the ability to cut hair.
 He is very meticulous, very detail oriented..
.so I guess he discovered that those talents made for a good haircut.
 He cut his companions hair, as well as other missionaries through the mission.
 It was something he enjoyed;)


 If you know The Rooster, you know that he has some GREAT hair.
 It is thick, it is curly, and it is a beautiful color.
Another things about The Rooster...he HATES, haircuts!
So he is known to grow his hair until the moment of suspension from school,
 just to avoid a haircut. That is pretty much how
The Rooster looked when The Missionary Boy returned home.


As a brotherly gesture of love, The Missionary Boy offered to cut and style The Roosters hair.
 It worried The Rooster a bit, but he agreed.


 After lots of laughs...and lots of work...The Rooster's hair was done.
With all that was cut off...a small wig could have been made;)
With his new haircut, The Rooster looked like a mission bucks..
.and The Missionary Boy was happy to have helped;)

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

nicely done!
looks like the rooster got his ma's great hair!

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