Watering My Yard....

September 6, 2013

photo (10)
Recently, The Farmer decided that he would connect our yard with a nearby well,
that is used to water one of our orchards. It isn't too far away...and it is something
that we have wished for, for many years! Before now, we have relied on
water from the hose, (which is very expensive), or water from the ditch
 that runs in front of our home. The water in the ditch comes from the town lake,
and is share by all. Sometimes our yard has suffered from lack of water,
especially during the long hot Summer months.
So, to have access to pump water, whenever needed, is a great blessing!
photo (14)
Yesterday, I mentioned to The Farmer that we needed to water the yard...
could he please send the water. To which he replied..."I think it would be great for your to
learn how to start the water for your yard!" Off we went to the pump, close to our home.
  Once there The Farmer showed me...buttons to push...
photo (13)
Valves to open...
photo (16)
Valves to close.
He showed me how to clean the sand out of the sand trap before the water
was released to or yard...and finally he showed me how to check the pressure
of the water, explaining that if the correct pressure was not applied, the pipes would burst.
 While he was explaining all of that... he paused and said...
"I think if you need water...you just need to ask for some help.
  That would be best."
 That is fine with me, by the way!
photo (12)
Once everything was in place...we rushed back to our home to see the water
coming into the yard. It was so fun to see! Something we have needed for so long is now in place!
  It was a happy evening;)
And yes...I am easily impressed!
Welcome to Farm Life!

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Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, thanks for making me laugh!!! The other day our neighbor (a recently moved to the country city girl) asked if we had a "mosquito abatement program" in this county. I couldn't bear to laugh out loud just then because she is such a dear, but, I came home and had a good laugh...life on the farm can be so funny! Have a happy day!

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