Kind Of Normal....This Time Of Year.....

March 12, 2012

photo (41)

Last week, The Farmer did a little traveling for "business" ;)
He needed to catch a flight from El Paso, and so we jumped in the car and headed that direction.
When we left our home it was quite windy, which is not unusual for this time of year.  In fact
it is expected.  The Farmer's wind stories, from when he was a Kid Farmer...are just
heartbreaking!  I mean to tell you...the days he couldn't leave the house, ride his bike, explore
at the river....or just simply play outside, those days have been burned into his memory like
nothing else.  Each year...when the wind arrives...the childhood stories begin....The Darlings roll
their eyes..because it is sooooo much worse for them.....and that is when you know, the season
of wind is in full swing!;)  My personal reason that I dread this time of year, is simply this....
Yep.....DIRT!  Because we live in a farming area...naturally there is dirt everywhere....and I don't
mind the dirt.  But when it begins to blow...that is another story completely!
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Every inch of our house is layered with dirt for a few months. No matter how you clean it
the dirt is ever present!  In fact there were years that I actually rolled up towels and
place them in the windows to control the dust entering the house.  Really, it didn't do
much to eliminate the just helped to contain it.  When we did some work on our house
a few years most important request that would keep the dreaded
dust OUT!!!  The Farmer agreed....I am pretty sure he was tired of my frustrations during the
windy time of year.  I am happy to report, that although the problem is not completely
is much more manageable. So, back to the story.....
photo (42)
As The Farmer and I made our way to El Paso, we found ourselves caught in one of the worst
sand/wind storms that I have seen.  We were only able to travel at about 10 mph for quite a long
distance.  It was pretty incredible!
Again...The Farmer took the pictures with his iPhone...and came up with some impressive
photos.  After what seemed like an eternity....we passed through the sand storm...the
wind didn't stop, but the sand and dust became less of a problem.
photo (38)
We arrived at the airport...on time...The Farmer was able catch his flight...
I was able to return home without any problems...
It was an adventurous day... pretty normal for this time of year!


Pedaling said...

I'm glad to hear you have good, sturdy windows!

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, I remember those horrible wind storms. When I was little and had to walk to school I was afraid it would blow me into the ditch!! Don't miss that awful wind and dirt, but I do miss wonderful Dublan!!

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