A "Wicked" Weekend....

March 2, 2012

wicked 009
I am very behind on my posts....we have had a busy several days!
A couple of weeks ago the women in our family headed to El Paso to see "Wicked."
The "young women" in the family got tickets for Christmas from their Mom's....and
the weekend was planned...and eagerly anticipated.  PreShie and I headed out early in
the morning, to begin the search for a prom dress.  We spent the major part of the day visiting
different bridal shops and dress shops in the El Paso area.  She had a pretty clear idea of
what she wanted.....and I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted for her....so the trick was to
find something we could both agree on.  The planets aligned when we visited store
number 3...which was much better that I thought it would be....after trying on 4-5 dresses...
she found the "ONE" .....the look on her face completely changes and she was glowing!
The store was helpful with extra fabric to make the dress qualify for entrance to the prom...
(LDS modesty standards) as each of the  young women bring their dresses to a school advisor for
approval and are again checked at the door as they enter the event. 
 Lovely sleeves have been added and the dress looks fantastic!
My creation

Friday night...we loaded into the car and drive to the very historic Plaza Theater where
Wicked was held.  As always...PreShie sees everything as a photo opportunity and took
so many great pictures beginning with the first photo of the stairs.  We have seen several
shows at the Plaza....and it never disappoints!  It is a fantastic theater, that back in the day was
actually a movie house.  The Farmer has memories of the Plaza from his youth too!
wicked 037
It was so fun to be together!
The "young women" of the family seemed to really enjoy themselves...
and the Mom's did too!
wicked 038

My creation

PreShie took some great pictures!
My creation

The show was fantastic....Galinda...was the best I have seen!

wicked 066

wicked 082
It was a great couple of days....a lovely evening with our daughters....
and a successful "dress shopping" trip too!

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