Signs Of A Really Cold Night.....

March 26, 2012

March 2012 snow
(photo by Jade Jones)
This is how you know it has been a long and cold night....
The air is filled with black smoke.
It's nights like this one, that anything and everything is burned in an effort to save the peaches.
photo (56)
The Farmer was in the orchards the night of the terrible freeze, last week.
He said that once he realized that nothing more could be done to save the crop...he
began to take pictures.  He got some great shots!
photo (59)

photo (50)


Kim Skinner said...

sad, but beautiful. :(

Jessi said...

This is so crazy!! I am in Kansas. We haven't even had temps that cold all winter let alone enough snow for the kids to sled. Clear down in Mexica, In March, I might add, it freezes HARD!! Mother nature sure is confused this year!!

Krissy said...

I hope that you find the strong will survive and hopefully there are enough strong ones to survive this. The trees look beautiful in their own sad way.

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