Are Your Ducks In A Row???....

March 19, 2012

These are the "farm ducks"....and they are never in a row!
Are your ducks in a row?
When I was taking these pictures...I started to think about that saying....and this is what I came up
with...(some really deep stuff....)
I have never seen a group of ducks in a row....except....
when they are baby ducks following their mother...and even then...not that straight of a row.
I guess the saying doesn't say anything about being straight......
Is that saying used like it is....because it is impossible to get ducks in a row? it possible to get ducks in a row...and how would one go about doing that??
What is the purpose of having one's duck's in a row??
Will these ducks ever be in a row???....I am pretty sure they never will.
Is that a problem when you are a "farm duck"....I don't think so.
Just some thoughts I had while taking these pictures;)  Pointless, I know...but it did
make for some pretty funny conversation with The Farmer as we drove around the farm.
The Farmer and I ended up on an interesting adventure about a week began
with a visit to the farms to check the peach buds....and ended in a little town....past the
Rancho Guadalupe, where the "farm duck" live.  I hadn't been to this little town in a beautiful little place...well hidden and filled with some interesting folks...with some
interesting professions, (some legit...some, not so much)....anyway, regardless it is very
picturesque and lovely.  As we passed through the town, The Farmer chose to follow a dirt
road, which led to more and more beautiful locations!  It was a treat.
The Farmer found himself a swinging bridge...which I opted not to was too
scary for me.  He on the other hand, inched his way across this very rickety bridge, that
was made from old pallets, and other pieces of discarded wood.
You can see...that the cable holding the bridge up, is wrapped around the old log at the side
of the that's security isn't it???;)
In the middle of nowhere, we came upon this cemetery.
It was really amazing!  It was well kept, pretty clean, and there was not a name on any grave
in that cemetery.  Not one name.
It made me wonder who cares for the people visit there often, and why
aren't there any names of the graves?  Certainly those that are buried are loved by
their family and friends, and I would guess that those families and friends don't want to forget
their loved one that has passed away.  Very unusual for a cemetery that is currently
in use...not to have names on the graves.  Many of the crosses were freshly painted, in bright
and cheery colors. And colorful artificial flower arrangements were in place in the
gravesites.  Rocks were carefully stacked....and very little garbage was visible.
It was even surrounded by a very rustic wooden fence, to protect the graves from grazing
cattle or other animals that may be passing by.  In all it's simplicity...
it was a pretty impressive sight. 
It was the end of our trail that afternoon.  And a perfect ending it was.
I often think I have seen most everything that is interesting in our area...and then I have
a day like this one, where I am quickly reminded that there is soooo much yet to see, my own backyard!

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