Evening At The Farm...

August 2, 2012


I do love an evening at the farm! A couple of nights ago, The Farmer called and asked for drinks and snacks to be taken to the farm. He was in in the middle of a BIG project and he and the crew of workers would be there until late. They all needed a little pick-me-up. The Rooster and I headed to the farm...snacks in hand...thinking it would be a quick trip. We should have known better! The weather was perfect! Cool...a slight breeze...perfect! The Farmer's BIG project was interesting to watch, but I also found a few minutes to take in the beautiful clouds and surrounding scenery.


Uncle Dan's chile was very close by and it looks beautiful!...He is a great farmer.


It was the perfect evening at the farm...complete with snacks, great company, 
entertainment and beautiful weather!


I sure like that Rooster! He has had a bit of a growth spurt this Summer...new pants and new shoes are very necessary these days. The only problem is that he is so darn skinny!
It makes it VERY hard to find pants that fit him!  That boy is going to need a hair cut....soon!

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