Traveling...(Summer Catch-Up)...

August 15, 2012


After putting The Darlings on a plane to Nauvoo for EFY...The Farmer and I headed to Las Vegas for a food show. We figured it would be the perfect time to attend...and still make it to Utah to pick up The Darlings the next Saturday. So off we went! Because the morning was hectic...we forgot to fill the car with gas...and about 5 miles outside of Lordsberg, NM the car just plain stopped! The Farmer had done some calculations and said it was going to be close...extremely close. Well, it wasn't close enough! We called for assistance and within about 10 minutes we were on the road again;) Boy am I sorry I didn't get a picture of the roadside guy, putting some gas into our car!


Once we were back on the road, The Farmer was commenting on how peaceful the ride was...just he and I;) And about that time...just outside of Tucson, the trailer we were pulling had a blow out! It was a HOT day...but The Farmer didn't complain, he just changed the tire...and in just a few minutes...we were back on
the road again!


He's a pretty handy guy...that Farmer!


Late that night...we arrived in Las Vegas...we figured that we had been in two countries, and three states in about 12 hours. It was a fun trip...even with the few challenges we had along the way!

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