Pinto Beans....Peaches And....Clouds.....

August 31, 2012

After taking a few watermelon pictures...I took a little time to drive around The Farm and see what else was going on there;) Truly, I was completely taken with a BIG storm that was rolling over the mountains very near The Farm...and I wanted to be there when it actually arrived. So, I drove...and I waited...and I took pictures. Very near the watermelon, there are Pinto Beans that are coming along very well. They had just been cultivated...and there wasn't a weed in sight...and at this time of year, that is a pretty amazing thing!
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Pinto Beans are a necessity here in Mexico...I have wondered what exactly people would eat if they didn't have Pinto Beans. They are a staple in our home. When the Missionary Boy opened his mission call and read he was going to first thought was..."how is he going to get Pinto Beans to make his burritos???" Seriously! The Darlings LOVE a good burrito....and The Missionary Boy was known to go and ask the men who work in the fields and orchards...for their burritos...he said their wives knew how to make the best beans.
So, each year The Farmer grows beans...not only to sell, but also so that each employee who wants some, can have some. Beans are quite expensive in Mexico...and for families to have access to a costal (100 lb. bag) of a great blessing to them. A few years back...The Grandparents S. discovered that "new beans" or bean that have been harvested recently...are much better than those that you purchase in the stores...that are actually from the previous season. The "new beans" cook much faster and have a great flavor. They enjoy a costal of beans too!
Our entire peach crop was lost this year during a terrible frost/storm that passed through our area. Most everyone in the area was affected. Much to our surprise, a few peaches began to show up! In fact, I was able to bottle enough peaches to get us through to next summer which was unexpected! What The Farmer discovered was that the peaches that were forming at the bottom of the peach trees, had been protected by the sprinklers that are used for frost control.
So, the entire crop hangs low to the ground. There aren't many peaches...but the ones that are there are a beautiful sight!
By this point, in my trip to The Farm....the storm has arrived...the watermelon picking has stopped, due to the rain...and it is perfectly beautiful! It was a really good "cloud" day, I took way to many pictures of the fantastic clouds as they rolled around The Farm.
This trip to The Farm was a treat for me! And a reminder that Summer, although it is coming to an end...has been a beautiful time of year at The Farm!

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