Small Town Football....

September 1, 2012

High School football is a big deal for alot of people...but for a small is a HUGE deal! Whether you have a son playing or not...the games are well supported. I didn't grow up in a "football family," in fact it wasn't until the Missionary Boy began his football days, that I actually learned how the game was played. A big reason for the community support...might just be, that most of the fathers who currently have sons on the football team...also played football for the same school, and on the very same field. I am sure that each father...while watching his son play...remembers with fondness his own experiences on the field. The football field for our high school is simple. It has the basics...bleachers...goal get the idea. But one extremely unique thing that it does have...and I don't think could be found anywhere else, is a Temple sitting just above it on a hill.
What lucky kids we be educated in the shadows of a play football in the shadows of a have every activity related to high school the shadows of a Temple. I know it seems "normal" to the kids...some of them were pretty small when that temple was built, but for me...a mother of teenagers...I consider it a great blessing to have my kids...growing up, in the shadows of a Temple.
PreShie is cheering again this year...she is the "Pep Queen" or cheer captain, and is loving working with the girls that are cheering with her. She is learning responsibility, and how to be a leader;) The girls are fast becoming great friends...and it makes me really happy to see them help each other and depend on each other.
Lobo Cheerleader 2012-2013 (with a couple of girls missing)

A little unrelated...but the picture was taken by PreShie...when we got home from the game...the clouds were pretty incredible!

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Pedaling said...

I love good sky/cloud/storm pics.

small town- hometown football sounds like so much fun- like in the movies.
many parts of your life are like a movie--you've made a great life for your children.

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