A Family Reunion - Part - Activities...

September 28, 2012

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Activities at a family reunion...are a delicate balancing act;) The adults would really like time to just be together and visit...and the kids need to be kept busy most of the time. Fishing is high on the list of activities for the kids...they really look forward to their time at the pond. This year, thankfully...there were no accidents;)...Last year we did have a "hook in the foot" accident, and a quick trip to the Dr. to have it removed. Anyway...many hours were spent in deep concentration at the pond.
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This year, Uncle Ben's family provided an Archery activity, which was really enjoyed! Everyone took a turn or two...to see if they could hit the target, while the rest of the group watched...and offered commentary;) It was a really fun activity!
053 056 041
We thought it would be fun to bring a couple of ice chests full of "mini" sodas from Mexico...and it turns out they were a hit!


Lisa Johnson said...

That 2nd archer picture is HILARIOUS! It looks like the arrows are stuck in that person's bummy! LOL!

pj said...

I thought the same thing! Kelly was attacked by cupid for sure!

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