A Family Reunion - Part 3 - Wrap-Up...

September 29, 2012

A family reunion just isn't complete...at least for us...until the Pinata comes out! Loaded with lots of yummy candy...The Farmer and The Rooster hung the anticipated pinata from the rafters of the porch. One by one...the cousins, from smallest to tallest...took their turn hitting a the swinging target.
  064 069
It didn't take long for the "loot" to hit the ground...and the cousins quickly scrambled to fill their arms...shirts...and whatever else they could find...full of candy!
Some people were pretty excited to get their hands on the "pinata parts" and proudly wore them around during the evening;) 075
Others simply used the "pinata parts" to hold their candy stash in. 076
All in all...the pinata was a success... 077
Sunday morning, before we left for church...the family gathered to hear message sent by The Missionary Boy. Grandpa S. had asked him several weeks earlier if he would share his feelings about serving a mission. The Missionary Boy, prepared a messge and recorded it with his camera, and then sent it home. His message was so sweet and the family seemed to enjoy it. One of the small cousins said..."what happened to Jordan's hair??"..(it is shaved right now)...another said..."he doesn't look the same"... Hopefully they could feel his missionary spirit and his love for his mission.
DSC_7896 copy
For the last few years...Aunt Kim...who is an amazing photographer...does a little photo shoot with the "Beauties." They are all growing up so fast and are becoming beautiful young ladies. As always...Aunt Kim captured them perfectly! It is a great tradition of the reunion.
DSC_7906 copy2


Bethany said...

Holy cow. The girls are too pretty and looking so grown up! Love you, sis. P.S. We've had a change of plans and should talk soon about Christmas break!

Matt Skinner said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. It was sure fun to see you guys, wish it was more often.

Love you,

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