New School Year...A New Family Theme!

September 10, 2012


This is going to be a "real" post today...not that the others aren't...but this one is REALLY real!
  Each year as a new school year begins, The Farmer and think about,discuss and define, what a good theme for our family might be to get us through another school year...sometimes full of challenges...something that would encourage and strengthen us. This year The Farmer assigned our family theme...and presented it with this drawing. It was just perfect and just exactly what had been on my mind was well. Next would come our traditional Family Night dinner...a discussion of why the theme was chosen, Father's Blessings to begin a new school year and some fun reminders for each child...of the lovely evening and family theme.
Well, it started out well. I left work early to prepare a dinner that I knew...from past experience...The Darlings would enjoy. I set the table with pretty plates...along with the fun reminders of what was going to be a special evening. The Farmer's Mother was invited to join us...everything seemed to be in place for the perfect evening. The Rooster arrived home from school...The Grandma arrived too...PreShie would soon arrive and I began texting The Farmer to remind him of the evening we had planned. He said he too would be home shortly. PreShie finally got home...tired from a long day of school and cheer practice...and was obviously very upset when she came into the house.
The Farmer still hadn't we decided to start without him...thinking he would soon be home. It just seemed to go from bad to worse...The Darlings ended up having a heated discussion...and both retreated to their bedrooms which left Grandma and I...and no Farmer. We finished a meal this point...didn't taste too good, and Grandma went home. A few hours later...The Farmer arrived home. By this point I was upset. After a few minutes of me venting...The Farmer finally had the chance to explain that he had been with someone who really needed his help. It was something that trumped the family dinner. And I understood. I felt bad...but I understood.
  He said...."there is always next week..."
And he was right! The following Monday...we tried again! And this time it was a success! The Darlings were not so tired and stressed and The Farmer was all ours for a very nice evening! We had a great family discussion, a lovely dinner and The Darlings were blessed by a Father who adores them...who poured every bit of love and encouragement on them that they would need to gear up for a new year, full of new experiences and responsibilities. It was the evening
I had imagined in my was perfect!!
We enjoyed the final pickings from our garden...
And most of all...we learned that....
We can do hard things!!!


Pedaling said...

we can all apply that to our lives--sometimes as a mom even it's good to remember---I can do hard things- glad you kept at it and got the timing right with the fam for a perfect evening!

Matt Skinner said...

Nice looking corn and a good story too.

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