Chile Season....

September 12, 2012

Chile season is in full swing around here. The fields are loaded with beautiful chile that is waiting to be picked! Grown in this area are a few different types of chile...Cayenne, used for hot sauces like Tabasco or Frank's Hot sauce. Jalapeno peppers, used for nacho slices as well as other canned or frozen products. And finally, Green Anaheim Chile, which can be roasted, and used for salsas, as well as many other things.
Picking chile isn't an easy job. In fact it is very hard work. It helps if you are short...really it does! The workers are often brought in from other areas, they come as families, and usually the family all work together in the fields picking. They fill their buckets and then take them and dump them into large bins that the chile will be shipped in. The workers can increase their daily pay rate by the amount of chile that they it isn't unusual to see them jogging through the fields with full buckets headed for the large bins, to empty their buckets and then begin again.
There is a large amount of Cayenne grown in our area. Chile fields are easily found and large shipping trucks fill the highways headed to the Border with loads of freshly picked chile.
 Chile season is in full swing!

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