We Are Some Serious Dog People....

September 3, 2012

Yesterday, as I was parking at church...I noticed a few of the town dogs that had followed their beloved families to church. Mine were included! The Farmer can't hardly leave the yard without the three big white German Shepherds chasing after him! So yesterday, he left very early...and they followed...and then they faithfully waited under his truck for him to finish with his Sunday meetings. After church they followed us home! I guess that is a sign of living in a small town. Our family loves dogs! We have always had quite a few....but at the moment...well...I think we may be a little over the top with the dogs! This cute drawing was done by my young niece "Chubbs"...(which she is anything but...) I told her I needed a copy of her cute drawing to document the dog population of the family. If you look at each dog...she has even added details of their personalities...I though it was great!

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