Their Trip To The Fair.....

September 18, 2012

The fair has come and gone....It rolls into town a little more than a week before the 16 of September...Mexico's Independence Day. We have been going to this fair for years....since The Darlings were Little Darlings. The Farmer's Father really loved the fair and was very often the reason that we attended. Some years he even participated in the annual rodeo, while we sat in the stands and watched. This time of year is also the time of year that The Farmer's Father passed away. In fact, the year he died, the local cowboys invited The Farmer's family to the the fair...where they had a moment of silence in his honor. The cowboys all wore black arm bands in his memory, it was a tender gesture from a group of his good friends. That was 18 years ago this year.
A couple of weeks ago...The Farmer informed me that he had "loaned" the Longhorn Family to the fair...and that they would be on display for 10 days at the fair grounds. How they got the Longhorn Family to the fair and into their pens, is beyond me...that is what I should have photographed! Their horns are getting long! After they had been moved we went to the fairgrounds to check on them.
They were confused and a little upset...there was loud music playing and they didn't seem to like that too much. Carne (the mom) was the most upset. The Farmer assured me that after a couple of days they would settle down and they would be fine.
The Darlings visited them a couple of times...while at the fair with their friends. It was fun to see the Longhorn Family on display. Now...had you told me when I was growing up, that one day I would have four Longhorns at the town fair...I am pretty sure I would have not believed it...but...I guess alot of things happen in our lives that we didn't really plan on happening;) The Longhorn family are home now...comfortably grazing in their pasture. We visited them last night and they seem quite content. We are glad they are and sound!;)
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LaNae said...

I always love your pictures!

BAS said...

I never realized "Carne" was short for "Encarnacion." I had thought it was clever word play involving a cow named carne, as is carne asada. Perhaps it is both.

Now I see that it was a Nacho Libre reference which makes the name even more awesome.

Either way I approve of your cow naming.

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