Dirty Dogs...And...A Football Game....

September 19, 2012


Last week, as we were getting ready to leave town for a few days...The Rooster noticed that the dogs looked sad. They seem to know when we are leaving...they hover close by while we are packing the car...and they get sad. The Rooster thought he will treat them to a good run in the orchard before we left...that would make the dogs happy he was sure of it! The Rooster is thoughtful like that;) Off they all went...The Rooster in the Rhino...and all three dogs following behind.


They were gone just long enough for us to finish packing the car...and when they arrived back home...they were no longer white! I can't say that I have seen them quite that dirty in a very long time. And The Rooster was right...those dogs were happy! They actually look like they are smiling for the pictures! After the run...they seemed a little less stressed about us leaving and were
just glad to sit in the back of the truck and rest.


Just a funny side note...The Farmer has to be really careful not to leave the tailgate of his truck down...once the dogs are in the truck...they refuse to get out. I guess they have learned that it is a pretty good afternoon if they get to go with The Farmer to The Farm!!


With the car loaded...we headed to Cobre New Mexico, for another JSA High School football game. PreShie left earlier that day with the Cheerleaders. It was a great game...even though the JSA lost. We didn't completely anticipate how cold it was going to be at the game...luckily for good friends who shared their blankets...we made it through the game, toasty warm! I think the cheerleaders nearly froze...but they sure looked cute while they cheered their hearts out for their team! Just for the record...a couple of times the Cheer Captain actually yelled at the crowd for not cheering loud enough...she was feeling a bit bugged that the crowd wasn't screaming their loudest...just sayin';)
That Cheer Captain takes her job very seriously....yes she does!!

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