EFY Nauvoo....(Summer catch-up!)

August 1, 2012


After a few months of anticipation...The Darlings boarded a plane, along with Cousin Preston from Mesa....and headed to Nauvoo for EFY. Some people were really excited to go...others don't like the thought of getting too far away from home;) Once there, everyone settled down and decided that they were going to have a wonderful time! It was hot and humid...but that didn't seem to matter.


They were so blessed to walk the streets of Nauvoo...visit historic sites...go to the temple and participate there, and to learn more about the gospel. One of the great highlights was that Rooster was at Carthage Jail the very day that the Prophet Joseph Smith was killed. He said it was a very spiritual time. They sang "Praise To The Man" and shared testimonies. I know it must have really touched him,
 because he has talked about it alot.


As usual, PreShie took lots of beautiful pictures!


 It was a great experience for The Darlings...I am so glad that they were able to go to Nauvoo!

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