Summertime...And The Living Is Easy....

July 30, 2012


Summer has gotten away from me! I am very behind on blogging...and will spend the next several days catching the name of family history;) It has been a nice Summer...we have grown to love our trips to there anywhere more beautiful than Utah in the Summertime?? I don't think so! Catching up with old friends...hanging out with new friends...sharing some tears...enjoying lots of laughs, and eating entirely too much amazing food!! One of the funnest events for The Farmer was "Harley" riding through some of the most scenic parts of Utah. He and a few good friends decided that it was something they must do. They rented the "bikes"...geared up...and hit the road!

The Farmer discovered...when his dear (church employed) friend showed up with some serious leather gear...that he knew nothing about the world of Harley riding. There are special waves...from one biker to another, a great sense of freedom on the open road among other things. What worried us all a little, was that The Farmer like it a little too much! We were worried...just for a few moments...that he might just take off, never to return! Thankfully he did;)


The Darlings really enjoyed riding with The Farmer and his friends!
  Some great memories were made for them.

One of PreShie's friends was with us when the "biker gang" was preparing to begin their ride...he stood nearby...taking in the sight of the "bikers" and said "that is kinda weird...a bunch of old guys on Harley's" which I responded...
"Buddy...that is what a midlife crisis looks like!" And he agreed;)


The first day of riding was the Alpine Loop, ending at Sundance. The second day of riding was to Bear Lake...back to Provo...and everything in between.
  It was a really great time for some great friends!

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Pedaling said...

ahhh, looks like a very fun time..How often do we get or take the time do something like that. Love the motion pic the best, but they are all great.

So sorry our schedules kept messing up. (sad face)

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