July 24, 2012


Leaving isn't nearly as good as coming home...


We found him.... just as we left him...eating...

She, on the other hand...has grown quite a bit. She is now in the pasture with the "herd," has a chubby tummy...and the beginnings of some sweet horns;)


As he does each year...The Farmer plants me a few Sunflowers...just for fun! We enjoyed them so much when we grew them on a large scale, several years ago... that he makes sure to plant a few for me each year. This year...we returned home just before they began to bloom! What a treat! It is great to be back...now to catch up!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

looking forward to seeing the big sunflower blooms!
as fun as it is to be away, it's always fun to be home again!

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