One Year Ago Today....

August 26, 2012

009 Mission Photo 1
One year ago this very day...our Missionary Boy began his mission service in England. Has the year gone by fast????...well, some days it has, other days it has not. That is just the honest truth. Putting him on that plane headed to England, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I knew that it would be the best thing for him, and the best experience he has had in his life so far.
Was I right???
Yep...I sure was! Now I don't cry because he is gone...although we miss him...I cry as I read his letters...when I see his growth...when I feel his testimony...when I see his love and concern for those he is is a miracle! A mission is truly a miracle!
So today...we celebrated the miracle of the mission...not the absence of our Missionary Son. Today we didn't begin our countdown for his return...we became even more committed to soaking up every moment of this incredible experience that has been ours for the past year, and will be ours this next year. Oh how we love our Missionary Boy...oh how we are grateful for this wonderful experience he is having...serving the Lord!


LaNae said...

I know exactly how you feel-- Sometimes I think the time is flying by. I am so glad he is doing so great!

Pedaling said...

what a cute idea.
i know you can see the great difference in just one year....from boy to man!
what a blessing!

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