Hobble Creek...And...Corn....(Summer Catch-Up)

August 11, 2012


The Farmer's first love is corn. It really is! We like to think he loves his family equally...or possibly a little more...but it just isn't the case;) When Uncle Tom suggested that we all head to Hobble Creek and cook some corn...well The Farmer was all about it!

Can you see how longingly he is looking at the corn???
When Uncle Tom does corn in the canyon...it is serious business. All the proper toppings are present...along with good friends, and some fishing. What more could a person ask for??
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Some people found water valves to play with...and promptly sprayed down a small child standing close by;) But did that stop them???....Noooooo, it sure didn't!
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As the corn was cooking...

Old friends shared new stories...and a few old ones too;) 036
We also discovered that Cousin Riley Red is a "fish whisperer"...who knew! The Rooster had a great time learning to catch fish with his hands! No pole and lures needed! And finally...the corn was ready and we ate, and ate, and ate. It was a great evening in the canyon...great food...lots of fun, but the best part of all, was spending time with family...and friends we consider family!

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