October 4, 2011

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Dear Rooster....
Dad sent me a few pictures he had taken from his phone...and they were of you!
I thought they were the best...and they got me thinking about you and the sweet boy you are.
So I thought I would tell you a little bit about the age of 14.
You are the nicest boy ever!  You have a tender heart especially when you see people or animals
in any sort of pain or distress.  You are quick to try to help those around you, and see their needs.
You do to take care of the chickens!  You have been doing it for many years...and
still you complain when it is time to gather the eggs or fill their food and water....ahhhhhh.....
It makes me tired sometimes;)  You do love to drive a tractor, and look for every opportunity
to do so....sometimes you talk your Dad into driving you to the farm in the evening...just so you can
get yourself on a tractor!  All the men who work for us think you are a great boy.
They tell your Dad that you are polite and kind...and you smile alot.  That makes them
feel good, and when you ask for a favor...they are quick to help you out because you are so nice
to them.  You love to be home...You love it when your friends come here, rather than going
to their soon as a friend arrives you make sure they have something to eat
so they feel comfortable and welcome. 
Your latest project has been building a fort with cousin Jackson.  After school everyday you
two would climb on your 4 wheelers and head to "the spot" to chop trees...and move things until you had yourself a little place to hang out. 
Sometimes you would take a bag of candy to enjoy while
you were working hard;)  You even mentioned you had made a table and chairs so you would
have a place to sit while you were "hanging out."  I had planned to go with you to "the fort" to check
it out and take some pictures...but a big storm blew through our town, with very strong winds,
and when you went to check out "the fort" you returned to tell me that it had been wiped out!
I really do think you should rebuild;)
You also love to golf....and play Monopoly...and you hate anything that requires homework.
I notice how kind you are to the younger cousins...they really love you for that.
You are getting better about eating different kinds of food....but vegetables are not your favorite, do LOVE chicken and brocoli love anything sweet....and
you have successfully finished off a HUGE container of chocolate milk mix....all on your own!
You have taken over many of the jobs your brother did around the house.  Saturday afternoon, without
being asked, you fired up the lawnmower and got to work.  You finished the yard, with looked just like the yard your brother trained you to keep.  He would have been really
proud of you.  I love the young man you are developing into.  Most of the time your are responsible...
You are nearly an Eagle Scout....and you honor your Priesthood.
You are a very good son!

You are missing your Missionary Brother terribly....I can see it in the letters that you write to him.
A couple of days after he left for his mission we decided to clean the room you shared with
him.  We moved the beds...cleaned and rid of alot of JUNK!!....and tired to make
the room more yours.  I told you that you could use your brother's bed, until he came home...because
it is larger and according to the Missionary Boy...the best matress in the house!  We got it all ready
for you...hung your pictures on the walls....and that night after you went to bed...I went into your
room to check on you...and found you in the midst of a pile of blankets and pillows...sound asleep
in a corner of your bedroom on the floor.  It took you about a week before you could sleep in
his bed.  You have really missed him!  This Summer I took you to a store and told you that you could
choose a painting to hang in your room, that really touched your heart and made you feel good.
You looked and looked...studying many different painting...then announced that you had
found the painting....It is called 'The Crossing At Sweetwater" and in the painting a young man
is carrying a small child on his back, through nearly frozen water.  Your choice didn't suprise me,
not at all!  In fact, it would have been the painting I would have chosen for you.  I understand why
it speaks to you!  It represents how you feel toward others.
The painting now hangs above your bed, where you can see it each night.
You are a joy to your parents...Roostie....I love you!!


Kimberly & Kids said...

Oh my tears streaming down my face! What a wonderful boy. Sure whish I lived closer to you so my boys can know Rooster! What a precious story about him sleeping on the floor. My son did something similiar in waiting to make the room more his own after his missionary brother left. It took like 9 months. They do love their missionary brothers huh? Elder Jones looks so great and happy.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Totally crying also. That painting gets me every time and to know that a sweet 14 year old boy appreciates it too is just truly amazing...speaks so much of his character.

I hope he'll grow up and marry one of my beautiful girls someday.

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