October 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, we found ourselves at the most darling Bed &Breakfast in Snowflake, Arizona.
The Arizona family have a gathering each a cabin owned by family members, and this
year was no different..only..we were able to attend!
Past years we were unable to be there because of football schedules with The Boy...
this year he is busy with more important things and Mexico celebrated it's independance...
which meant a holiday for us and so we were able to attend.  We left a day early and enjoyed
our stay in this beautiful old home.  The hosts were wonderful and actully from England...which
made it all that much more fun for us!  Breakfast was a delight....served out on the porch,
in a beautiful garden...the food was very tasty....everyone was happy!
The rooms were so nice...each named for a person of influence in the area...some settlers...some
family members of the previous owners...(who happened to by cousins of ours) of the
rooms was named for my great-grandmother...that was fun!
So after enjoying the small town...we headed for the reunion site which was about 20 minutes away.
Some family had already were playing...some were fishing...others
were already planning the campfire for that evening...excited for the opportunity to play in a fire;)
The next several days were full of activity....some unanticipated...for sure...but good fun!
We do love it when our professional photographer Aunt/Sister-in-law...brings along her camera...
and this is why....(above)  She did the most darling photo shoot of the girl cousins, and they had
a great time doing it!  The pictures turned out amazing!
She also spent a good amount of time teaching PreShie about her camera and how to better
use it.  It really meant alot to PreSh..she has said many times, how much she learned from her
sweet Aunt.  Thank Dear Aunt K. for teaching PreSh!
Almost immediately the young boy cousins found a small snake..they quickly brought it to
Grandpa for analysis and discussion.  It was passed around...everyone had fun holding it...and
the poor thing was released...and hopefully didn't have too many lasting effects from the
young boy cousins:)

Some folks....after searching for cel. signal....discovered it could be found in certain locations....

Other people fished....other people stepped on those special fishing lures and got them stuck
deep in their feet...and had to be taken to the local Urgent Care for removal.....
that was pretty exciting....
The Farmer hosted a rock painting activity for the cousins....
he led them on a rock hunt, where they each selected as many rocks as they
make some sort of sculpture....he carefully glued the rocks together...forming the most interesting
sculptures...each of the cousins had a vision of what their rocks could become...and he
helped them realize their vision.  I think he actually had more fun than the kids did....who
knew he was so good with a glue gun!!
Next the cousins carefully painted the rocks...they really had fun doing that!
Even the little people loved it!
They all had great imaginations!

The Rooster really enjoyed painting too.

The Farmer "creating" the rock sculptures!
We ate wonderful food...every meal!  It was fun to be together and visit....we had a little
"group therapy" session that was quite fun, we laughed a whole lot...
and ended each day around the campfire with Grandpa teaching us more about
"who we are".....we had s'mores....and on the final evening....our Aunt who will remain nameless
(unless she wants me to post her name...) showed us her talent of Elk calling...that none of us had any
idea she could do.  She was great!!  So great in fact...that she call an Elk in...and it was calling her
back...ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Now that my friends...was some good fun!!
PreShie enjoyed taking pictures....especially of this butterfly.....
We pack up and headed for home...we passed through the mountains that had been so badlly
burned early this Summer...that was really sad to see.  We passed through little towns that we
had visited for football and basketball tournaments with The Boy....that brought back some
great memories...and made our hearts hurt a little because we miss him!  One of the little towns
we passed through had these signs posted outside...I thought they were great...both of them!
It was a great trip!  It was especially great to spend time with family, that we
love so very much!

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Trisha said...

I have always dreamed about staying in a Bed and Breakfast. Maybe one of these years. Do you suppose they exist in Mexico? As usual I enjoyed catching up on your blog. Keep it up!

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