October 11, 2011

In August, the ward scheduled a campout.  We had just gotten back into town from a long Summer
away from we were unable to stay for the whole campout...but we did decide
to drive to the location and spend the day.  This was, of course, before The Boy left for his mission.
The camping location was at the Gavilan.  A ranch owned by members of the church in our area.
It is a bit of a drive....the road is pretty rough and bouncy....but it is beautiful!
It had been raining during this time...and the closer we got to the Gavilan...The Farmer began to wonder
which of the seasoned campers remembered to set their camps up on high ground.
He was pretty sure he knew who would remember...he named a few names....and said that they had each
visited that ranch during rainy season...and so they KNEW that high ground was important.

The drive was very green.  We had to cross the river several times and it was very high.  The Farmer in his
usual fashion, found it a challenge to cross a river running high.  Me on the other hand found it
unsettling.  You would think I would learn after many many years of marriage to that Farmer.
We arrived...found friends and became obvious very quickly that some had endured a very long
night when a stream over flowed right into their tents....and other slept right through it...dry.
It was lush and beautiful...but also cold and wet......very wet!
We had a great time visiting with dear friends;)
It was some pretty good fun to watch folks make their way accross the flooded stream to get to the
outhouse.  Some had to ride their ATV's to make it.  Others just stomped right through the water.
When we arrived...this cute boy decided that he was going to chop this log in two.  The Rooster even told
him that he would give the cute boy $20 bucks if he could do it.  And that was some serious motivation
for that cute boy.  He chopped and chopped...he would stop and rest for a few minutes...and then he would begin chopping again.  This went on for a LONG time.  I was amazed with his desire to
chop that thing in half.  The Boy was all the while watching...yelling a few tips from his comfy
camping chair...we all kept visiting...and the cute boy kept chopping.


The Boy finally started to feel sorry for the cute he took his turn chopping...after all he wanted to
see his brother pay that $20.  He did a lot of chopping and made some great progress
the axe broke.  That was when this little guy got a roll of blue tape and taped it back together.
Along with The Boy's arm...and anything else he thought my benefit from some blue tape;)
There was blue tape EVERYWHERE! And it was alot of fun to watch him enjoy that roll
of tape.  And enjoy he did!
This....(above) the face of trouble....yes it is!
That is all I am going to say about that!
p.s.  I sure do love that face;)
Although it was a very fun day...I do have to admitt that I was pretty grateful that I was
able to jump into our truck and head for home.  And that we did!
It was good we crossed the river when we did....just a little later in the day and we
most likely wouldn't have made it accross. 
It was a great day..and great memories were made!


Pedaling said...

glad you weren't washed away!
Crazy Farmer.

Looks like a beautiful place!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Oh, those pictures are so cute! I wish Johnny's hair was still long like that! :)

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