It Was A Good Day For The Dogs....

October 10, 2011


The Farmer....and his Daughter..aka PreShie....decided to take a little Rhino ride on Satuday
evening.  She had been out of town for a couple of days on a cheer trip and The Farmer...well...
he is always up for a Rhino ride.  So they headed for the Solecito to check on the animals....and
then to the river for an adventure.  The took the beloved dogs along for some much needed
exercise.  It was a cool day....the leaves are begining to was a beautiful day.
When they arrived home...PreShie mentioned something about the Rhino nearly rolling...and it was scary.
But that was about it...and I didn't think too much about it...until this morning when I read The Farmer's
weekly letter to the Missionary Boy.  He went into a little more detail....and mentioned something
about nearly running over the dogs a few times.  And....of course he ended the letter by saying...
it really wasn't that big of a all turned out OK.
The dogs returned along with The Farmer and PreShie...they seemed just fact they slept
pretty well on Saturday night.  That is always a good thing.
So I guess in some cases the phrase "what you don't know...won't hurt you..." is kind
of true.  Had I know what really happened...I would have worried...all I did know for sure
is that they all came home safe and sound.
The Farmer titled this photo...
And for us it is.  Our little piece of heaven on earth.  Some days it doesn't seem
like much....but we sure like it!
Boss in Prison

So...a few weeks ago...Boss The Dog got "picked up" and thrown in the "slammer."
We were out of town when it happened...but thanks to the gardner next door we knew what had happened.
The dog police actually called Boss The Dog...from our yard onto the street so he could get him.
Our theory is that someone decided they wanted him and offered the dog police a little $$$$
and he gave it his best shot!  The Rooster called us and reported the "crime"....The Farmer sprang
into action and called out the troops...(that would be our secretary)...who headed to the Dog
Slammer and took these photos of Boss The Dog.  The most disturbing thing about the whole that the dog is actually smiling!
Boss and Buddies
He had to spend the night in the "Slammer" but was released early the next morning.
When "the troops" arrived to take him home...he didn't want to leave the pen he was locked up in...
after all...he had made some new friends and was having a great time!
Had we known that his visit to the "Slammer" would have been so much fun...we wouldn't have
worried so much!  Luckily "the troops" arrived bright and early to pick him up...while they
were paying the fines...another family arrived to take him home...pretty interesting huh?!
When Boss The Dog arrived home....he went right to his water dish and drank and drank...
The Rooster fed him...watered him...and hugged him...we just wish he had learned that the
"Slammer" is a BAD place to be...not a place to make new friends!!!


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Good Afternoon, Wife;

I loved your "reunion" post---we live just up the road from the Heritage Bed & Breakfast - about halfway to Show Low in a tiny little village. I'm so glad you had a great time...You look so familiar to me - perhaps w've met some time. I don't even remember how I found your blog, but it's lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, How Fun...We are Ordinance Workers at the Temple...We work on Saturday AM. We love Pres. and Sister Tenney!!! When we were in Taiwan to adopt a baby grandaughter we found a place called "mary's hamburgers." I took a picture of it and sent it to Mary. Melanie Tenney, Ron's wife, and I did Sunshine Generation together for years...lots of fun memories. My husband help build the motel for Lewis in Heber...perhaps it is a small world...


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