Raising An Ebenezer Stone...

August 28, 2011

Grandma Christine called the whole family together...it was FHE.
..She decided awhile back, that she
wanted to raise an Ebenezer stone in her yard to represent our commitment as a family
to Heavenly Father.  She selected the location...a place that everyone passes by, so that
it would be seen very often.  She had some large rocks brought to her home...and selected just
the perfect one....then had a little pad of cement poured, the rock placed in the center,
and it was about then...that the family arrived.

When we "arrive"...it is most often in a variety of off road vehicles...and this was no
different.  Grandma C. gathered the family around...and that is not an easy thing to do;)...
and she taught everyone what an Ebenezer Stone was and why it was important to our family.

History of the Ebenezer Stone;
The name Ebenezer is taken from 1Samuel 7:12, and translated means "the stone of help". According to the Biblical account, Samuel exclaimed "Thus far, the Lord has helped us" when he erected a stone, and named it Ebenezer. The Ebenezer Stone served as a memorial, to the children of Israel, of all the ways the Lord had helped them - routing their enemies, protecting their borders,
returning the Ark of the Covenant.       

Every person present placed their hands in the wet cement, and wrote their name below the
handprint....commiting to the words that Grandma C. also wrote in the wet cement...
"We will stand for right...even if we stand alone"

The family had a great time finding the perfect location for their hands...
All the while this was going on a big storm was looming above.  While some were still writing
in the cement...rain began to fall.  The Stone was quickly covered with a tarp and it
began to pour!  It was quite a storm...one that left alot of rain behind.


Even the littlest people...Gavin....put their small hands into the cement!

We were so happy that it was able to get done before The Boy left for his mission...there
is his hand above...and man are we missing him!!!

I appreciate so much, the efforts of a beloved Grandma who is always thinking of ways to
strengthen her posterity.  She offers counsel, writed sweet notes...and most of all
offers unconditional love.  This was a great unifying experience for our family!  As I have read
about Ebenezer Stones...what I have come to understand about them is that although raising a
literal stone is wonderful...it really is about offering thanks and recognition to a Heavenly
Father who has blessed us so much!  Our offering....is Our Boy...who left us this week
to serve his mission.  He is our Ebenezer Stone for the next two years...and he will be a
constant reminder of how blessed we are as a family!


Pedaling said...

I love that physical reminder of commitment. way to go Grandma.
Yes, you sweet mama have made your offering. The boy, I'll bet is so happy and excited. He is going to be such a blessing to many in his willingness and works...that all began with the works and examples of those before him, especially his parents!

LaNae said...

What a great symbol of commitment. I hope the next couple of weeks go by quickly--it will get better!

Jan T. said...

Super neat! I'm trying to figure out (as I type) where I'm going to do that in my backyard!:) I love it!
Hope you're doing okay - I'm going to need your expertise to walk me through this "mission thing" in a few years! Lotsa love!

Beth at Aunties said...

I LOVE the wonderful examples and ideas of good people and their dedication to the Lord. Grandma C. is a wonderful example. Your blog is a place I love to visit.
Your precious son is is truly a wonderful offering to the Lord and will be a great blessing to so many.
As the last of our four missionaries returned home, we quickly wondered who else we could send back out.The blessings were so numerous to them and to our whole family. Although a HUGE whole was in my heart and never did quite heal with our 3 sons and daughter's absence( because we quickly found out they were truly men and a lovely lady when they returned and ready to continue to be on their own) we wanted those missionary blessings to continue.
Good luck!
Isn't President and Sister Williams his lucky mission mom and dad?

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