Soaking It All Up....

August 18, 2011


Chicago....that is where I am today.
The Farmer has that conference thing again that he speaks at....and when he committed to speak, we really didn't have any idea when The Boy would be leaving for his mission.  So we packed The Boy along for the trip since he will be leaving us one week from today....
When I realized how close this trip was to his departure date...I asked him if he would like to go in my place and spend some one on one with The Farmer...without much thought he answered YES!
When I suggested my plan to The Farmer...he thought it would be great for me to come along...after all he says....he wouldn't do this conference thing if I didn't enjoy Chicgao so much.   Awwww...
I like that Farmer. The Farmer and I were counting the years that we have been luck enough to attend this conference...and experience this city...and realized that he gave his first presentation in years ago.  We missed a couple of years...but for the most part we have been have had the great blessing of attending.  We learned to love this city when we lived in Cincinnati...Chigago was our temple..and we would travel 5-6 hours on temple trips with the youth and
 other members of our ward.  Those are some great memories! 
 We arrived yesterday...and will spend the next few days enjoying
our Boy...and enjoying this wonderful city.
Mission Photo 1

Sunday was The Boy's "farwell"....the Skinner Uncles arrived in force...cooked some great steaks...sang a song....and headed back to Mesa.  Their visit was just toooo short, but it was wonderful to have them with us.  I prayed for alot of strength...and not too many tears...and my prayers
were answered!  I don't want to upset The Boy with my I try really hard to keep them to
myself.  Sunday was a great day...we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner following church...Brisket with all the fixings...Uncle Dave did an amazing job on the meat!  We ate...we visited...we laughed...and ate more.  It was a great celebration of family, who have all helped raise
The Missionary Boy.  I appreciate so much the way this family supports
 each is a great blessing!  Tuesday, The Boy visited the Colonia Juarez Temple...again a wonderful experience...again it was great to have the support of family and friends.
Our days are busy.....busier than I can ever remember being...but it is a great busy!
I am soooo far behind on hope is that once The Boy is in the mission
life will settle a bit and I can catch up....we will see...but for now...The Farmer and I are
enjoying our Missionary Boy....soaking him up!!!

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one of your favorite places with some of your most favorite people!

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