This Isn't Very Easy For Me...

April 21, 2009

my kids are growing up! Time is passing toooo fast! I knew it was coming,
I just didn't know it would come so quick!
The Boy turned 16 on April 12, which was also Easter Sunday. How great is that?!
Since he was going to be ordained as a Priest, we decided to make a trip to Mesa
so that his uncles (who live there) could participate. It was so special.
Everyone met at Grandpa and Grandma's, where The Boy was ordained by his Dad,
(aka, The Farmer)


Lots of uncles....lots of hugs!
A hug from Grandpa Charles

(below) Grandpa Charles is showing off his boots. When The Boy was born, Gandpa and Grandma came to El Paso to see the little man. He was the first grandson for those grandparents. To celebrate The Boy's birth, Grandpa Charles purchased himself a
new pair of boots, which he has worn and cared for, for the past 16 years. He wore them during the ordination of The Boy. A very fun and tender memory. He also wore them
to represent Grandpa Max, who The Boy is very much alike, and who passed
away several years ago. A very special day for us all!


Pedaling said...

grandpa Charles is looking good!

LaNae said...

What a great family!

Ashley said...

WOW! 16... REALLY?! Even I am beggining to feel old! haha Congrats to "The Boy". Love the boots!

Barbiemat said...

Garrett and I were just getting teary eyed thinking about how fast our kids are growing up. I can't believe Jordan was only 11 when we moved here and now he has turned into a young man.

Jan Turley said...

I love the sentiment of the boots. So sweet.
I now count how many years I have left with CJ (at home)!:( It's almost like we're counting down instead of up and I don't like it. On the up side of things....Jordan sure is a handsome guy and seems like a great kid. You've done a great job.

Cathy said...

How special that The Boy's ordination could be done with so much family present! LOVED the pictures! But, by the way.... we missed you guys here! Seemed like you were gone a LONG time! I'm sure Grandpa Max was there in spirit!

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