This Is What A Rooster Looks Like.....

May 22, 2009

On his 12th birthday!
Little Rooster has been a complete joy since the day that he joined our family! He has a smile that lights up a room and is the most kind and tender hearted boy I know.
He was the largest of all my babies....slightly under 9 lbs.
He has the most perfect dimple in his chin that his Grandpa O. placed there
as he was leaving heaven. He also has a constant twinkle in his eye...that makes you wonder
what is really going on in his head;)
This special boy has been a comfort to me in more ways than he will ever understand.
When I was in bed for three months with our Colton....he waited on me and kept
me company, and he was only 3 1/2 years old. Thankfully he let me hold him
and love him when my arms felt so empty.
He is and has been a blessing in so many ways....and I am sure he will continue to be.
(the gun was a gift from his Dad....who got it on his 12th birthday)
Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Charles (whom Riley is named for), came to see us today
to be with us this special weekend, and as soon as they arrived....literally....
they had to leave because of a family emergency. We were sooooo sad that they
had to leave, but they left the Little Rooster......
A harmonica!
And luckily for us....our contractor and dear friend....
knows how to play well.

He was happy to offer some pointers and will be teaching Rooster how to play!
How fun is that?!
We love you!


Matt Skinner said...

Happy Birthday Rooster! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

Uncle Matt

Jeff's Wife! said...

Happy birthday Roost!!! I've always loved you too! You really are a very likeable sweetheart! P.S. I'm sure Colton peaks in on you now and then!

Meredith said...

happy birthday rooster!

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