An Alarm......Who Knew???

January 15, 2010

We've been on a road is just part of our life right now.
I don't necessarily like is, what it is.
If it isn't basketball games with The Boy,
basketball games with PreShie....
then it is parts, or business meetings.
This time it is business meetings in one of my most favorite cities
and basketball games with PreShie.
Are you wondering about the photo above?????
Well, it is the HGTV Dream Home of 2010! Did you already know that?
I hope not!;)
Turns out....that this house is located in......
I know what you are thinking....and yes....I did it!
After a lengthy meeting Thursday...I went looking for it, I NEEDED to see it.
We had no idea where it was, just the area of town,
BUT, my firends.....where there is a will, there is a way!
We found was fenced...(not my idea of a fence, more like a chain across the dirveway)
it was a little distance from the main road, and it was nearly dark.
We took off walking up the long driveway, just for a little look.
Nothing more.
Wow, was it fun!
and then the security company showed up....why I am not sure....
we were just looking!
Turns out, there was a sign that said....there was an alarm, guess it got set off.
They didn't say anything, they just made sure we left the subdivision;)
But it was soooooo worth it! The area is beautiful and the house....
what we could see....
was fantastic too!
Oh the other thing.....We had dinner with friends the other night and we
ate Indian food....I am not a fan....sorry !
I sure slept well that fact I couldn't wake up the next morning and I have decided
that I was in an Indian food coma....really!
It was very strange!


Pedaling said...

indian food stick with you for awhile, i've found.
dang, i wish you could have taken some pics of the inside!
stay safe

Meredith said...

ohhh! can i live there?

Jan T. said...

I like it! Where in Albuquerque is it? I grew up there! Maybe I'll win that house and live there again!:)

Trisha said...

Your blog is so fun. I have checked out that dream home up close and personal. (well not quite as up close and personal as you! All my children are registered to win. ( if I won, I don't know if I could qualify as a US citizen!) Not sure about my dream home being in Albuquerque, that would not be my dream vacation spot! Keep up the good work.

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