A Sad End...

July 12, 2013

It really was a great week at the beach. Restful...peaceful...
 Great family time, yummy food, Everything you could ask for in a family vacation.
After a very, very long drive home... we arrived in our "neck of the woods..."
So relieved to be so near our home, we stopped for dinner.
 The whole family stopped together. It was a quick stop...at a well known chain restaurant.
We ate a quick dinner...and headed for our cars.
It only took a minute to realize that anything of any value, had been taken from our car.
 Purse...all electronics...you name it, It was all gone!
As we were assessing our loss, another family member also realized that they too had been robbed.
 It was late, we were all so tired, it seemed pretty impossible that this had happened to us!
All we were left with from our trip, are these few pictures that other family took during the week. I am grateful, however, that no one was hurt,
 "Things" can be replaced. Sad as it was...it sure could have been worse.
And now... We piece our lives back together...a little at a time!;)


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

I'm so sorry..that was not nice of someone to do that!!
The photos from England have been so beautiful--thanks for sharing with us...Happy Day to you and yours!!

Pedaling said...

oh my....that is so sad.
yes, glad nobody was hurt, but still what a disappointing end.
the few pictures show it was a fun trip at the start.

so sorry.

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