Precious Is 19!!

October 26, 2013

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 Last week Our Precious celebrated her 19th birthday! I was traveling and wasn't able to post on her very special day. Today I was looking through her Senior pictures to find a few for this post,
and shed some tears because I miss her!

DSC_8745 copy I talk to her a little everyday...we text alot...but it isn't the same not having her home with us.
She brought so much energy to our home!
There were always friends coming and going...lots of laughing and a
good amount of teasing...mostly with The Rooster.
I miss her...we all miss her!

DSC_8799 copy

Things I love about Our Precious..
*She is feisty!!
*She is goal oriented and driven
*She lives life to the fullest
*She is involved and soaking up her college experience to the max!!
 *She is a great friend
 *She is a gifted writer
 *She is a fantastic photographer
*She loves the process of learning

 DSC_8850 copy
 *She is very funny! We are always laughing when she is around
*She is fiercely loyal...especially to her family! (That is one of my favorite things about her!)
*She is beautiful...both inside and out and now...
*She is an Aggie!!!

 DSC_8781 copy This girl has her Dad totally wrapped around her little finger...
 I love to watch her work her magic on him! He is putty in her hands!!;)
It thrills me to see how she loves him and how he is smitten with her.
Of course he claims that he is responsible for every good quality that she posses!
She has blessed us with some pretty great experiences as parents!
Some have left us with great stories to tell! She is a blessing to us in soooo many ways.
 Oh how I love my PreShie Girl! I am so blessed to be her Mom!!
Feliz Cumpleanos Mi Hijita!
 I love you!!

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Pedaling said...

beautiful post.
and yes, she is precious!

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