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November 26, 2013

A day at the Escondida Ranch is never a bad thing!
No matter the time of year...there is beauty to be found!
The Boy/Man hadn't been to The Ranch since he returned home, and with
dear friends visiting from England, it seemed like the perfect adventure.
The Summer rains, left their mark on the already very rocky roads...if at all
possible...the roads were much more bouncy than usual! I am sure the England Folk,
hadn't really ever seen roads like that, and most likely won't see them again...that is...
until their next visit! ;) It was a great day!  A little fishing...some delicious steaks
"Ranch Style" courtesy of The Farmer...and time to just relax and visit.
That place is filled with memories.  The Farmer spent a good part of his youth on
that Ranch and he has great stories to share.  The Darlings too have been lucky enough
to enjoy The Ranch too! For me, this particular trip was filled with thoughts of trips
with The Farmer's Father, to The Ranch, when The Darlings were just babies. 
Those were some great times.  The Farmers father loved Ranching, and he loved his family,
and when he could combine the two...it was a very good day.  The Ranch is now owned
by one of The Farmer's brothers.  He is doing a great job caring for it and he is always
kind and generous to those of us who appreciate a trip to The Ranch.
The Ranch is a blessing to this big family...in so many ways!

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