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December 11, 2013

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(taken with The Farmer's phone...)
I have done a terrible job recording our lives lately!  So much has been happening,
so many activities...too much know...
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!"
Aside from it all...My heart is full of gratitude.  Just a few days ago,
a dear friend got me thinking.  She asked me to think about how the Hand of The Lord
had been manifest in my life this past year.  It just so happened that they day the question
was presented, I wasn't feeling all that grateful.  Shame on me, right?
I hadn't stopped long enough to visit that place of gratitude.  My life had been
overtaken by "good things" and left no room for the "great things."  But I have repented;)
And now daily, I have made it my goal to write a bit in my agenda/journal, about how blessed
I am!  Thank you dear know who you are...thank you for the reminder!
We are so blessed to have such a great extended family.  It is a big huge, extended family,
and when we all are together in one is some good fun!;)
This lady above is the Grandma of the group and she is constantly trying to teach, guide,
and frankly..."reign in" her big family!;)  In a good way of course!
This picture of her makes me laugh, because it was taken at the end of a very busy Family
Home Evening...and she looks like she has had enough!  But really she was fine, The Farmer
just caught her without her ever present cheery smile!  Anyway,  this past Monday we met in
our home for our Monthly FHE.  We had a light supper, the kids enjoyed some games and then
we gathered for a message from both The Grandma and The Farmer.  The Grandma is holding a
chart that The Farmer used during his part of FHE.  He guided the family through a discussion on
"What it means to be a part of this family" and can I just say, that the answers were humorous,
true and some were very revealing. Sometimes it is pretty great to pick the minds of the little
people to see what I really going on in there!;)  The adults offered their input too.
The Farmer then talked about our "Family Wheel" and how each spoke of the wheel counts. 
When the family spokes are damaged or broken...the whole family feels it.
He also talked about how we can keep our family spokes strong.  The Grandma also gave
a great message of testimony.  She is the best at that!  She has such a strong testimony and
is so willing to share it and any moment.  I love that about her. 
I am grateful that we belong to such a big...loud...strong...energetic...and faithful
group!  And I am grateful that we so supportive during the good, the bad...
and sometimes the ugly!  Today, I am grateful for families!!

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