May 20, 2014

 PreShie was lucky enough to find a good job for the Summer. 
She thought it would be fun to work and live in another city for the last few months 
before he leaves on her mission. She got the hang of the job quickly and was 
enjoying herself! Last week, while at work, she fainted. Likely is was due to not eating 
earlier that day. Anyway, when she fainted she fell and hit her head on a cement floor. 
 She said that the people that were nearby said that she fainted, she hit her head pretty hard...
she then sat up and fainted again...and hit her head a second time.


 After filling out reports...they sent her home and suggested that she make a trip to the 
emergency room at the local hospital. After some discussion, she decided that it would 
be a good idea to get checked out. Thank goodness for Tia Beth and Colton, who went along with her. 
 They all spent a few hours there while PreShie was "checked out." Turns out she had 
two small bleeds on the left side of her brain and a confirmed concussion. She has spent 
the last several days resting, catching up on her journal and feeling pretty sick. 
 Thankfully she is on the mend!

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