May...AKA..."Birthday May..."

June 4, 2014

May is a full month for us. We celebrate to big birthday's within a couple of days. 
 From the time The Darlings were babies...we have tried to make birthdays extra special! 
 I was in the hospital giving with a newborn baby Rooster, while we not only celebrated the new
addition to our family... buy also the birthday of The Farmer. 
 The Rooster and The Farmer are two peas in a pod...The Farmer often looks at him and says...
"that's just what I looked like when I was his age." 
 Or...when The Rooster finds his way into a little mischief... 
The Farmer understands all too well. He was a boy that was mischievous too.'s pretty great that their birthdays are so close!


 (The Rooster and Grandma Christine) 
 The Rooster began his day with his favorite breakfast, waffles with fried Spam...
yep...that's right! 
The waffles were topped with LOTS of whipped cream. 
He opened a few gifts...some cologne so we would smell delicious...
some pop tarts...some oreo cookies...and some really awesome socks! 
 Later in the evening he got his "gift" from The Farmer and I. 
 After he left for school, I got busy and started lunch for the cousins and friends at school. 
It has been a really fun tradition that we have enjoyed since The Aggie Boy began high school.
 The Rooster chose Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad, vegetables, garlic toast 
and a Pastel del Tres Leches for his cake.


Lunch with the kids is always so fun! It is something I really enjoy! 
 Grandma Christine was sweet to go along with me...and I might add...
very beloved by her grandchildren. Later in the evening The Rooster opened his 
official gift from The Farmer and I, which was Scuba Certification! 
 He and The Farmer will get certified together and very soon...
taking some wonderful trip together to do a little "diving."

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