Very Unusual...And...Very Sweet!

September 10, 2014


Not too long ago, The Aggie Boy came home for a visit. 
 We do love it when he comes home! Our days were filled with fun activities and lots of delicious food. 
 One evening we decided that Tacos were in order and we headed off to a 
favorite taco location. We ate... we laughed...we ate some more and just enjoyed being together! 
As often happens during dinner in our area, young Tarahumara Indian girls come to the 
tables asking for money. They are not native to our community, but have come here 
over the years because they are having a difficult time surviving in the mountain 
areas where they are from. They beg for change, or whatever 
someone may be willing to given them.


So as we were finishing with our dinner, two little girls approached our table asking for money. 
 The Farmer asked them if they were hungry, to which they replied "yes." 
 We gathered together a few tacos that had not been eaten and offered them to the girls. 
 They stood at the edge of our table and began to eat. 
It was very obvious that they were VERY hungry. 
 The Farmer signaled for the waiter to bring more tacos and a few sodas. And they ate.... 
A few minutes passed and a few more little indian girls arrived, when asked, they 
too confirmed that they were very hungry and so more tacos were ordered. 
 We all moved around the table and made space for them to join us...thinking that 
there was no way they would actually sit with us to eat...but we were in for a very big surprise! 
 The sat with us and they ate! Very unusual! 
I have never seen anything like this in all the years that I have lived in this area. 
 The Tarahumara Indians are very shy. 
 It is unheard of to actually have them sit and eat with you.


After a few more minutes...another few little girls arrived at the table and began to eat. 
 We ended up with 8 little indian girls at our table.  
The Farmer requested all the tacos that they could eat. 
 The Rooster went to the salad bar and loaded plates full of lettuce, cucumber and limes.
 They ate every last piece of lettuce that he brought to the table. It was amazing to watch! 
 The more they ate...the happier they got and soon they were all talking and laughing! 
It was a sweet sight. After sometime had passed, the mother of some of the young 
girls came looking for them, wondering why they had not returned. 
 She stood at a distance close enough to see them but not too close as to be approached. 
 After a few minutes we carried a few tacos to her, so that she too might eat. 
It was such a special experience for our family to have!

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The Bowman Bunch said...

I loved this post!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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