Sis. Precious is 20!

October 20, 2014


 Happy Birthday to our dear Sis. Precious last Saturday!!! ]
Oh my goodness we miss this beauty... She bring so much life to wherever she goes! 
I was telling her through a letter last week, that I couldn't believe that she was 20...and she replied that she felt old and that when she returns from her mission, she will be the ripe old age of 21!
 And then I reminded her that when I served a mission for our church...
the age requirement was 21 and when I returned home I was 23. 
 Then she didn't feel that old anymore!


The week before her birthday a Stake Conference was held in her area and the visiting 
General Authority was Elder Daniel Johnson and his wife Leann. They are from our area,
 and Elder Johnson spent years as the Area President of Mexico, working very closely with
 The Farmer. He is a friend and a when Sis. Precious heard he would
 be attending she was thrilled. We are grateful that he was able to
 take a moment to tell her hello...and snap a quick picture.


 I got a quick note from her mission mom on Saturday where she let us know 
that Sis. Precious has been released back to regular missionary work and is 
recovering beautifully from her car accident. She still has things to take care of...but she 
is on the mend. Sis. Jardine also said that she and Pres. Jardine had called Sis. Precious 
early Sat. morning to sing Happy Birthday to her! 
 I thought that was amazing! 
 We are beyond grateful for this beautiful daughter. 
 She blesses us as parents in so many ways! 
 We are especially grateful for her missionary service. 
We think she is pretty special!!! 
We love our Sis. Precious!!

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