I Don't Want To Forget...

December 4, 2014


 Last night I spent time with My Rooster decorating our Santa Tree and just talking. 
That boy LOVES Christmas and starts getting the Christmas spirit usually around 
the 1st of November. This year we have been working on a major renovation 
of our home and it really turned our lives upside down for a bit. All the while we 
knew that the holidays were quickly approaching and both he and I were wondering if
 we would be able to decorate our home for Christmas.
 It was stressing me out... and it was making him sad. 
 Well...it's done! 
 The construction site is cleaned up...although I am not sure I will EVER 
 get the dust out of my house! Our tress are set up and we have a constant fire in the 
fireplace. It has been so fun to get our home ready for this special season. 
 So last night...The Rooster and I finished decorating the Santa Tree.
 He carefully placed our ornaments that we have had for many years. 
 As we decorated we talked. We talked about things that are going 
on in our lives right now...school...firends...just plain stuff! 
 But is was great stuff. 
 The Rooster isn't a big talker...he's alot like The Farmer.
 They are quiet, but grounded and strong. 
 I loved my time with My Rooster last night...it made me happy!


 Around 8:30 our phone rang. 
 On the other end was a sweet cousin who just happens to live in Sis. Precious' mission.
 Sis. Precious does not live in her area but ended up being there for an 
evening to attend some meetings. The sister missionaries who live in our cousins ward, 
let her know that Sis. Precious would be there and so they planned to meet for dinner. 
 Cousin Karen took them to have Mexican food and she said that they talked and
 talked and talked. She said 
"...I wish so much that you could see Sis. Precious!... she is doing so well! 
 In fact she is literally glowing...she is so happy." 
She must have said that 4-5 time..."Oh how I wish you could see her."
 And so...I wept. That's what missionary moms do right?! 
 Sis. Precious has a new found and intense interest in family history. 
 She asked Cousin Karen everything she could to find more information about her
 heritage. Sis. Precious said that he always remembers what her Dad told 
her as she left for her mission..
."Remember who you are...and where you come from." 
 And for that reason she is hungry for more knowledge of her ancestors, 
so that she might understand more fully..."from where she comes."
 Cousin Karen and I talked more...I cried more ;)...and then she told me that she
 needed to go so she could pick up Sis. Precious and take her back to her area. 
 "Is there anything you want me to tell her ?" 
She asked...and I said with tears running down my face...
 "tell her that I love her with all of my heart and that I am so proud of her!!" 
And we said good-bye. Man do I miss that girl of mine! 
 But how grateful I am that she has chosen to serve this mission!


On another note...The Aggie Boy will be home in another week! YAY!!!
 I can't wait to have My Boys together for a few weeks!
 Let the Mothering begin!!! ;)

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