Muddy Adventures...

February 4, 2015


One thing we know for sure, is that The Rooster loves to have alot of fun! 
He has great friends and they love a good adventure together. 
A few weeks back, The Rooster gathered his dear friends and they set out for a day 
of 4 wheeler riding. He asked if he might "borrow" the UTV The Farmer gave to 
me for Christmas. We agreed...they gathered some snacks and sodas and took off. 
Not too long after they were gone, one of the girls in the group 
posted this picture on Facebook...
where I saw it....;)


 And there it is! STUCK!!! 
I didn't call The Rooster...I just prayed that he would figure it out without 
damaging the vehicle. Well...they tried...and tried... and failed and failed. 
 They didn't ask for help...but returned to our home to get a truck in hopes of 
pulling the UTV out. And then more time passes. Until now it is dark. 
 The friends had built a fire to stay warm. 
 Finally I said to The Farmer... "don't you think we should call to see if they need help...?" 
and he said "No...let them figure it out."
 Finally more time got later and later and The Farmer gave in. 
 He called The Rooster, figured out their location and headed to pull them out. 
 Now stuck...the UTV, a 4 wheeler, and The Rooster's truck.


 The Farmer wasn't gone too long. 
 Turns out...he was able to pull them all out pretty quickly. 
 After he returned I ask him how it all went and this was his reply... 
"There wasn't one functioning brain in the whole group!"
 That was his summary. The kids???..
.They had a fantastic time! In fact...they all gathered to have dinner together,
 even though they were covered with mud. 
It was an experience that won't soon be forgotten!!

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