September 8, 2015

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It was a beautiful weekend for our family. 
13 years ago The Rooster was only 5 years old and The Farmer was
called to serve in church leadership in our area. 
The Rooster is now 18...and 
The Farmer has finished with this assignment.
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It has been a great 13 years...but it has also been a very difficult 13 years.
 The Darlings sacrificed the most I think. 
But we have been blessed. 
I am grateful that The Farmer will answer a call to serve God, 
no matter the location, or what may be required of him.
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These great men spent the weekend in our home. 
 They taught us, and they loved us.
 It felt like we were old friends when the weekend was done. 
Our family is looking forward to seeing a little more of that Farmer of ours...
 I am grateful for the experience of the past 13 years...
and I am looking forward to the future.
   stake presidency - sept 2015

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