Letting Go....

December 7, 2015

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 On the 28th of November we joined The Boy and his beautiful fiance
 at the Draper Utah Temple. It was a very special day full of tender mercies. 
 It was a cold and snowy day...
it was perfect!
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Aunt Cedar drove from Idaho to be with us which made the day extra special! 
 We didn't expect to know anyone in the temple that day, 
but it turned out that some very special people "just happened" to be 
there when they had not idea that we would be there.
 I love it when those blessings happen.
I sent the photo of us in front of this beautiful temple to our family that was not
able to be with us that day.  One of my dear sister's-in-law replied with this...
"I can't help but notice how tightly you are holding on to your boy's arm...you are just
about to let him go...I am guessing these are very tender, bitter sweet moments."
And she was very observant!  I guess I really didn't know how tight I was holding 
on to him.  Although as thrilled as we are, it is a change.  
A change for our little family...our clan.  
It's time for that Boy of ours to begin his new life with his bride,
He is ready...she is ready...
Together they will be great!
We are grateful...We are blessed.

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