Sweet "16"...

January 6, 2016


The Farmer has this great tradition of naming each new year when it arrives. 
 He likes to make phrases that rhyme...it's always a good time. 
This year was named...
 "Sweet 16" I like it! 
We just ended a year of hard "stuff."
 If we ever used the phrase "We Can Do Hard Things..." we used it last year. 
We faced things that we never considered we would face...and we lived to tell ;) 
We are looking forward to a "sweet" year...even though we know the hard things will continue. Along with the hard, came so much good...
so many blessings, and that is what held us up. 
My days are full of gratitude for the good...and the hard too!

I love these people with all my heart! 
 The Darlings are now +1. 
I asked them for only one thing for Christmas this year...pictures. 
And they delivered. 
 We had a wonderful photographer stay with us for a few days through the holidays 
and she was kind enough to do a little photo shoot of My Darlings! 
 I can't believe they are all adults...and friends...the time has passed so quickly.
 I am so proud of each of them and the wonderful people that they are and are becoming.
 I am so blessed to be their Mom.
 Here's to a very "Sweet 16!!"

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